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Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2009

Become a Cow

My farmer asked mewhether I want to become the best cow in his stable, and after some discussions, I agreed. My full job for now is, to trim my tits in the shape of cow udders, so that they fit into his milking machine. It will probably take me some more months, to reach that goal, but I can't wait, to be done. Afterwards, I will be attached in his stable, among the other cows, and be treated the same way. I would have to stay in the barn 24/7 and I'd be eating grass.

Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009

Breakfast for my boss

I am a cleaning lady, but this is part of my contract. Prepare a big bowl of cornflakes every morning for my boss.

Til I die

I tune my tits, to produce milk until I die. Even my adult son and doughter help, when can't drink anymore. It's a daily ritual, as kinky as it sounds, to us it has become normal. I am 51 now, and hey, my tits are dripping...

Chockolate milk

When I want some chockolate milk, I simply put Nutella on my tits and suck. I almost live from this, I drink over 4 litres of my own milk a day. I am aware that I am privileged, and no, you can't have some.

one baby

One baby, and look at my nipples. What a bastard, he destroyed my tits completely.

extended milking

There is no real milk, but my nipples still get sucked regularily, and if not, then I use some erotic device. I love the feeling.

My milk in the store

My huspand's milking machine is pretty strong, here the result. He actually is a farmer, and every morning, when he is finished with milking the cows, I am being milked as well, and my milk goes to the factory as well. They don't know, but I think it is pretty kinky and hot.